IsletOne’s groundbreaking pipeline, emanating from pre-clinical and clinical research at the Karolinska Institute and the Karolinska University Hospital, is protected by five patent families covering enabling platform technology as well as biotherapeutic modalities for clinical application

IsletOne traces its roots back to the field of regenerative cardiology, where the company utilizes patent-protected ISL1-positive progenitor cells to repair and restore heart function after myocardial infarction. IsletOne started out developing proprietary technology and know-how for deriving ISL1-positive cells and cardiomyocytes from a type of adult stem cells known as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) – from uncontroversial sources such as donated adult bone marrow – but the company has evolved further toward applying MSCs in novel indications with high unmet medical need, in novel combinations with existing biologics, and toward profiling clinically active MSCs for high therapeutic potency.


In summary, the pipeline comprises the following projects:

-  IO1: Derivation and differentiation of ISL1-positive MSCs for regenerative cardiology


-  IO2: Bone marrow-derived MSCs for application in ARDS and multi-organ failure


-  IO4: MSCs combined with costimulation blockade for transplantation and autoimmunity

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